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Tenant Screening

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Let’s run through the basics of our Tenant Screening services.

Tenant Screening


When it comes to the duties of a Property Manager, there’s nothing more important than securing the right tenants for a landlord’s rental property. And to that end, Shelter Realty employs a thorough and comprehensive screening process to make sure we find qualified applicants to protect our client’s investment.

There are a number of factors that Shelter Realty takes into consideration when it comes to screening potential tenants, all of which revolve around keeping our client’s best interests in mind at all times. Ensuring that a possible tenant has the financial means to make regular, on-time rental payments is critical, as is ensuring that they will be responsible individuals who will adhere to regular maintenance and upkeep required.

To that end, screening is a careful process that involves a number of factors in order to find qualified applicant for our landlord’s properties, including background checks, credit history, income, employment, and more. Upon completion, each and every one of these steps together create a determination for each prospective tenant, as well as safeguarding your property while adhering to all fair housing laws.

We at Shelter Realty pride ourselves upon our ability to successfully identify the best possible tenants for your rental properties while remaining open, neutral, and fair in our determinations. We employ a detailed and unbiased scoring system with each applicant to ensure they meet our minimum scoring criteria, including how long they have been employed in their current field of work, verifying their income (including income-to-rent and debt-to-income ratios), their F.I.C.O. credit score, and their previous rental history, including any evictions and references from previous or current landlords. In addition, the owner of Shelter Realty, Tony Sena, has a greater degree of insight into the application process than the average property manager, given his background as a former Henderson Police Officer.

A detailed and comprehensive screening process by our expert Property Managers at Shelter Realty will help screen for tenants who may break their leases due to inability to make their monthly rent payments. Shelter Realty can be trusted to carefully screen all prospective tenants and adhering to all Fair Housing laws.

I am an out-of-state Las Vegas property owner. My wife and I own only one property and we intend on retiring to it one day. I did a lot of research on many property management companies before finally settling on Shelter. Being an out-of-state landlord, there were a few things that I was looking for in a property management outfit. There seems to be hundreds of management companies in and around Las Vegas. It can be a mind-numbing experience collecting recommendations, reading reviews, and interviewing agents. Do yourself a favor, call whoever you want first, and then call Shelter Realty. They are also members of a select group of Las Vegas property managers accredited by the BBB.

- Kevin H. Palo Alto, CA