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Let’s run through the basics of our Maintenance services.

Property Maintenance


At Shelter Realty, we believe that a reputable and steadfast property management company should always hold the needs and concerns of not only our landlords, but our tenants in the highest regards, and one area where that credo is most important is in terms of the regular maintenance and upkeep of a property.

Shelter Realty believes that repair limitations in terms of cost should be kept to a minimum in order to maximize the benefit to the owner. Typically, a property management company will impose a limit on the dollar amount at which a property manager can automatically approve a repair requested to a home; repairs less than the pre-set limit can be carried out without the need for the landlord’s prior approval. The usual dollar amount of that limit normally varies between $300 and $500, but we at Shelter Realty believe that threshold should be lower – normally $250 – in order to ensure the experience is not only least expensive but also poses the least inconvenience and disruption to the tenant’s normal routine as possible. However, we may still contact a landlord to request approval about a repair that is less than $250.

Additionally, our leases state tenants are responsible for minor repairs of $100 or less, as well as any repair caused by tenant damage or neglect. Our vendors are trained to assess repair issues to determine if the required repair is due to normal wear-and-tear or tenant damage/neglect. This ensures we are holding tenants responsible for maintaining the home in good condition.

We have relationships with honest, licensed and insured vendors who are willing to work within this price range – which discourages up-selling and overcharging – and who will go above and beyond to make sure any issues are taken care of without the fuss of additional fees if repairs require multiple trips to the property. If a given job is unable to be completed within the aforementioned maintenance limit, our vendors will provide a clear-cut estimate of the cost of the work, which will be fairly reviewed and approved if the repairs are needed.

This network of vendors includes both handymen and general contractors. A handyman must have a business license and insurance. For larger repairs our general contractors must hold a contractor’s license in addition to a business license and insurance. According to Nevada Law 624.031, general contractors are required to handle any jobs of $1000 or more or a repair that requires a specialty license such as HVAC, Plumbing, Refrigeration or Electrical or a repair that requires a permit to be drawn. The extent of the work will determine if we dispatch a handyman or general contractor.

Shelter Realty also performs routine, in-depth inspections every six months on all rental properties in order to ensure that both landlords and tenants are protected. Our managers are well-versed in any and all laws governing rental properties, and we always go the extra mile to earn the trust and respect of our tenants.

Shelter Realty also strictly adheres to the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Renovation, Repair and Painting” rule originally passed in 2010. Due to the fact that lead-based paint was a common construction element in dwellings constructed before 1978, the EPA created the rule to protect the health and well-being of those living in and/or renovating such dwellings in the modern era.

Shelter Realty always believes in going above and beyond to keep both the landlords they work for and the tenants they serve equally happy with their property management expertise. We make sure that all upkeep and repairs are done in a timely, safe, effective, and comprehensive manner, and we work hard – and smart – to keep maintenance costs low and overall satisfaction high, providing a win-win situation for all involved.

This is my third property management company in 4 years, and I so wish that I had found them first. The last company nickel and dimed me to death with repairs. Since I am an out of town owner, I couldn’t be sure if the tenant had a real problem, or the management company was making work for their bottom line. I did not get a full check in the year that I was with them. It has been three months now that I have been with Shelter, and I have received three full months of rent, hallelujah. I know that things can go wrong in a unit, but not so often as with the previous company. Shelter has resigned two of my tenants, one with a two year lease, OMG. The property management business is a thankless job with a majority being bottom feeders, but Shelter is different. If you own property you owe it to yourself to give them a try. If you want any further feed back, e-mail me at Sterlingllc1@yahoo.com.

- Jeff H., West Hills, CA