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Let’s run through the basics of our Accounting processes.

Accounting Processes


When it comes to being a landlord, the main thing you are looking for in return for your investment is steady, regular, and reliable monthly payments from your tenants, and Shelter Realty – when acting as your Property Manager – ensures that will be what you receive while keeping the sensitive financial information pertaining both to you and your tenants as safe and secure as possible.

At Shelter Realty, we pride ourselves on providing our Property Management services to our valued clients at a fair and competitive price point which takes your financial needs as a landlord into consideration at all times.

Our fee breakdown for services is as follows:

  • Management Fee – 8% of Gross Monthly Rent (minimum $100)
  • Admin Setup Fee – Waived
  • Tenant Placement Fee – $200
  • Referral Fee – $300 paid to referring agent
  • Lease Renewal Fee – $100

Shelter Realty will provide you with a website – AppFolio.com, an acclaimed property management software company – through which you will be able to access your account at any time. AppFolio.com provides a completely secure environment, ensuring that statements, banking information, monthly payments, and all other sensitive information related to aspects of managing your property with us are completely protected at all times. In addition, tenants can also log onto AppFolio in order to view their account as well to pay rent and bills, providing a streamlined and effective business experience on both ends while also keeping their personal information safe and private.

In addition to continuous online access our clients are provided with a monthly report no later than the 15th of each month that provides a detailed view of all income and expenses for your property, as well as invoices/receipts for any repairs that may have taken place. Payments to our clients are rendered on or before the 10th of each month via direct deposit (unless a tenant pays late), and a 1099 tax form will be provided at the end of each year for tax and accounting purposes. Additionally we provide a twelve month cash flow report for tax and accounting purposes.

Shelter Realty, acting as your Property Manager, ensures that every aspect of running your rental property – including the financial aspects – are smooth, secure, and headache-free, allowing our clients to enjoy the profits of their investment with the peace of mind that the investment couldn’t be better protected and is in good, safe and responsible hands.

I do not give five stars lightly but I never lost sleep over how my house was being managed. They kept in contact with me regarding lease renewals and issues with the house. The best thing was when I took the house back, my property manager Cathy, helped me get the house situated and has a valuable Rolodex on businesses I can contact. Even after I stopped renting, Cathy was there every step of the way helping me get the house in order. That is what I call Customer Service!

- Gypsy C. Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY