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Rates and Fees

Monthly Management

  • Our management fee is 8% of gross monthly rent, with a minimum of $100 per month. Our management fee includes: rent collection, maintenance coordination, HOA compliance, accounting, routine property inspections, and more.

Tenant Placement

  • There is a $200 charge at lease signings to cover the drafting and signing of the lease, a move-in inspection (which includes a detailed, digital report with hundreds of color photos), and meeting with the tenant to exchange the keys for move-in funds.

Lease Renewal

  • When a current tenant renews their lease, there is a $100 fee. This fee includes running rental comps for your review and drafting of the lease renewal addendum.

Agent Referral Fee

  • When a qualified tenant is found and a lease is signed, a commission is due to the agent that showed the property to the tenant (current industry standard is around $300).


  • We do not charge any separate fees for advertising.

Set-Up Fee

  • We are not currently charging a set-up fee.

Renewal Fee

  • We do not charge a yearly property management agreement renewal fee.

During Vacancy

  • We do not charge any fees when there is no rent income.