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Property Inspections Outline

Let’s run through the basics of our inspection service; please call 702-376-7379 with any questions.

When it comes to proper and comprehensive property management, it pays to have an active hand and careful eye for detail at all times. Part of living up to this aspect of business when representing a landlord’s interests is the inspection process. It is vital to have a set inspection routine in-place for when a new tenant movies into a rental unit, as well as when he or she moves out. This process ensures that the home’s condition is thoroughly documented prior to occupancy, during occupancy, and after the tenant vacates. The detailed reports with photos allow us to hold tenants responsible for any damage they may cause during occupancy. It also ensures we are not erroneously charging tenants for items that were an existing issue upon move-in.

However, a good Property Manager should take a more active hand in the day-to-day process of safeguarding the property of their client. Inspections should not merely be performed when a tenant moves in or out; in order to ensure that the property under their care is being responsibly kept-up with and maintained, a hands-on Property Manager – such as one of Shelter Realty’s designated agents – will perform regular, bi-annual inspections of occupied properties in order to nip any potential problems in the bud. This way, issues that could result in thousands of dollars in damage can be detected early and rectified – either by addressing the matter with the tenant or in an effort to avert future problems, in a worst case scenario, evicting them if need be.

Every six months, the property manager will schedule a physical inspection of each occupied rental unit under their care, with the tenant made aware that the manager will be personally on-site and looking over the condition of each room of the home in order to ascertain that the renter is properly maintaining the unit. While inspecting the property, the Property Manager will compose a digital report of the overall condition of the home, as well as documenting any issues. Additionally, we will check all wet areas to ensure there are no active leaks and make sure the AC filters are clean.

We also have a great relationship with our network of vendors, allowing us to use them as another set of eyes in the home in between inspections. If a vendor enters a home to address a repair issue and notices the home is not being well taken care of, they will let us know. This allows us to address the issue sooner rather than later.

A landlord’s worst nightmare can be employing a Property Manager who does not live up to their duties of protecting their investment. However, Shelter Realty specializes in using technology, knowledge, and dedication to manage over 500 properties in the Las Vegas valley, and we are relentless in making sure that each and every one is safeguarded and maintained in proper condition at all times for the benefit of our valuable clients.

This is my third property management company in 4 years, and I so wish that I had found them first. The last company nickel and dimed me to death with repairs. Since I am an out of town owner, I couldn’t be sure if the tenant had a real problem, or the management company was making work for their bottom line. I did not get a full check in the year that I was with them. They also were very unresponsive and didn’t understand the concept of a two year lease.

- Jeff H., West Hills, CA

My wife and I own only one property and we intend on retiring to it one day. I did a lot of research on many property management companies before finally settling on Shelter. Being an out-of-state landlord, there were a few things that I was looking for in a property management outfit. There seems to be hundreds of management companies in and around Las Vegas. It can be a mind-numbing experience collecting recommendations, reading reviews, and interviewing agents. Do yourself a favor, call whoever you want first, and then call Shelter Realty. They are also members of a select group of Las Vegas property managers accredited by the BBB.

- Kevin H. Palo Alto, CA

Tried selling my home by myself without using a realtor. I was even willing to pay buyers realtor at 3%. Still no real takers. I feel alot of realtors refuse to show FSBO. I was connected with Tony and Brittney through a friend and sold the house on the first day of them listing it. They were there the whole way and even when I had issues with my property managers resolving the issues with my house from past renters, Tony sent out his guy to help. All and all he helped make selling the house one less stress in this process.

- Justin T. - Las Vegas, NV