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Rental Marketing


Shelter Realty has years of experience and proven results when it comes to marketing rental properties, especially when it comes to the paramount way that renters often conduct their searches in today’s tech-savvy society – by way of the Internet. According to reports, anywhere from 78 to 98 percent of renters begin their search for a new home on the World Wide Web, a now highly-competitive environment where listings are in constant competition through various Internet sites.

Technology has long past the old methods of researching a property strictly by hiring a realtor who has access to the Multiple Listing Service – in comparison, the internet now provides even your most novice Internet users with 24-hour, instant access to all rentals available whether on the Multiple Listing Service or not. Single-family homes are being rented in fewer than 30 days, and condominiums in less than 45; and considering the hotbed of real estate activity that Las Vegas is currently experiencing, those numbers easily fluctuate on a daily basis. That said, Shelter Realty’s expertise in Internet property advertising is essential to getting qualified tenants into your rental units as quickly as possible.

Shelter Realty specializes in Internet marketing specifically with real estate and has years of experience having originally establishing ourselves online since 2001; our multiple websites are all mobile friendly and highly-trafficked through cutting-edge search engine optimization techniques. This ensures our listings are easy to find, often at or near the top of Internet searches for properties in the Las Vegas region.

Our statistics speak for themselves – our highly-ranked websites and listing syndication services receive anywhere between 550-600 rental inquiries a month, on average. Due to our effectiveness at providing a high-profile showcase for our clients’ properties, Shelter Reality excels at getting those properties rented. In fact, we tend to have fewer than 12 rentals featured on our sites at any given time.

Of course, we also cover other aspects of marketing in addition to web-based sources; Shelter Realty receives numerous inquiries to our offices from prospective renters via phone calls and emails, especially as they pertain to rental houses and condos in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas where our marketing presence is strongest.

The demands of being a landlord are many and varied, and the biggest stress can often be attributed to simply getting your vacancies filled quickly due to the many advertising options we place at your fingertips. Let Shelter Realty prevent you from becoming overwhelmed with the many different Internet and traditional advertising options provided to landlords who need to fill properties by allowing us to effectively navigate getting you qualified, trustworthy and pre-screened tenants for your rental properties while you sit back and do what you enjoy most.

With our aggressive approach to online marketing combined with our dedicated and experienced staff, Shelter Realty is in the ideal position to provide rental property marketing – both through the Internet as well as other proven traditional methods – to generate the necessary interest within the Las Vegas area to fill your property quickly, professionally and reliably, every time.

I am an out-of-state Las Vegas property owner. My wife and I own only one property and we intend on retiring to it one day. I did a lot of research on many property management companies before finally settling on Shelter. Being an out-of-state landlord, there were a few things that I was looking for in a property management outfit. There seems to be hundreds of management companies in and around Las Vegas. It can be a mind-numbing experience collecting recommendations, reading reviews, and interviewing agents. Do yourself a favor, call whoever you want first, and then call Shelter Realty. They are also members of a select group of Las Vegas property managers accredited by the BBB.

- Kevin H. Palo Alto, CA