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Landlord / Tenant Relations

Over 15 years of property management experience.

Let’s run through the basics of our Landlord / Tenant Relations.

Landlord / Tenant Relations


The prospect of owning a rental property – especially in a competitive hotbed of real estate activity such Las Vegas – can be an appealing one, as the potential for financial reward is great. However, maintaining successful rental properties, even just one, can produce difficulties, and for that, often times landlords turn to Shelter Realty, a property management company with years of experience in running rental properties while keeping landlords and tenant satisfied.

For instance, a property manager should share the concerns of their landlord and customer, not only when it comes to protecting the value of the landlord’s investment and property, but to to ensure that tenants are kept happy and that their concerns and issues are dealt with in a timely manner. After all, a happy tenant is one that typically wishes to remain in their rental unit while treating as their own, not to mention a low turnover of tenants ensures a steady stream of income for the landlord. Therefore, a symbiotic relationship – one where both parties depend upon and benefit from one another – is most effective.

When looking at a prospective tenant, a landlord wants a comprehensive background check and examination of the prospects rental/financial history to ensure that they are not a risk; Shelter Realty, acting as property manager, has this covered with a thorough screening process that ensures prospective renters meets our strict criteria for reliability and responsibility. We look at all aspects of their recent rental and financial history, including a credit check, references from prior landlords, income, debt, and more – all while adhering to Fair Housing Laws.

At the same time, a person looking to rent one of our properties, understandably, would like to be assured before signing a lease that they will be dealing with a company that will take their concerns and issues seriously, were they to become a tenant. Is the property well-maintained? How accessible is the property manager? These are all concerns that Shelter Realty property managers will address and answer during the application process.

Shelter Realty also boasts a vast amount of knowledge regarding the Las Vegas rental market, and has the resources, capabilities, and advertising strategies to be effective in filling properties to tenants quickly. In addition, we have our finger on the pulse of the Southern Nevada real estate scene and know how to balance rental fees with a fiercely competitive marketplace, ensuring that rents will be adjusted based on the current landscape.

Property Managers also fill other roles for busy landlords outside of just showing properties to interested parties such as laying out all lease obligations, responding to all queries, addressing regular upkeep and maintenance of the premises, negotiating disputes, collecting rent, address legal issues, and many other tasks that free up a busy landlord for ordinary tasks as they see fit.

At the end of the day, our landlords know that Shelter Realty is the go-to company for any investor or landlord that wishes to have their property run in a professional and responsible manner by experienced property managers who work hard to protect their valuable investment while fostering an environment that cultivates profitability and work-life balance.

This is my third property management company in 4 years, and I so wish that I had found them first. The last company nickel and dimed me to death with repairs. Since I am an out of town owner, I couldn’t be sure if the tenant had a real problem, or the management company was making work for their bottom line. I did not get a full check in the year that I was with them. It has been three months now that I have been with Shelter, and I have received three full months of rent, hallelujah. I know that things can go wrong in a unit, but not so often as with the previous company. Shelter has resigned two of my tenants, one with a two year lease, OMG. The property management business is a thankless job with a majority being bottom feeders, but Shelter is different. If you own property you owe it to yourself to give them a try. If you want any further feed back, e-mail me at Sterlingllc1@yahoo.com.

- Jeff H., West Hills, CA