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Move-in / Move-out Procedures

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Let’s run through our Move-in / Move-out Procedures.

Move-in / Move-out Procedures


When it comes to fulfilling our duties as Property Managers, Shelter Realty understands that one of the most vital aspects of our job when representing the landlord is to have a stringent and comprehensive inspection procedure in-place at all times including when a new tenant is moving into a property or an old tenant is moving out.

It is vital to have a set inspection routine in-place for when a new tenant movies into a rental unit, as well as when he or she moves out. This process ensures that the home’s condition is thoroughly documented prior to occupancy, during occupancy, and after the tenant vacates. The detailed reports with photos allow us to hold tenants responsible for any damage they may cause during occupancy. It also ensures we are not erroneously charging tenants for items that were an existing issue upon move-in.

All renters are informed that their required, up-front security deposit is used for any potential repairs upon their vacating the property via damage or neglect; if, once the move out inspection is complete and no discernible issues are uncovered, the security deposit is refunded in full. Normal wear and tear should be accounted for during any inspection, and tenants are given some degree of leeway in that regard with a base guideline established to maintain exactly what constitutes “normal wear and tear” and what constitutes tenant neglect to avoid conflicts down the road.

Whether a tenant is moving in or moving out, we perform a thorough inspection of the property. The Shelter Realty staff member is on the look-out for general wear-and-tear, defects, damages – either via tenant neglect or natural occurrences – or malfunctioning utilities, plumbing or electrical problems, etc. All items and areas in the rental property that have been inspected are carefully documented with a checklist, detailed notes, and even pictures and/or video if available.

At the end of any inspection process, the documentation is signed off on by any present parties – the Property Manager and the tenant – to ensure that both are on the same page as it pertains to the overall condition of the rental property. Copies of this final inspection report are available to both the tenant and the landlord for records in case there are any disputes in the future.

Any damage or malfunctioning equipment or appliances in the rental property will need to be addressed and fixed or repaired immediately before a new tenant moves in and immediately after they move out to ensure the unit is in the best possible condition for future rental purposes. After all, a new renter, upon settling into their new home, would not wish to have to deal with damage or other issues as a result of the actions of a previous tenant, so our team will make every effort to ensure the property is free of defects or damage.

Shelter Realty, acting as the landlord’s designated representative as Property Manager, is dedicated to performing a comprehensive inspection of each and every property under their care in an effort to ensure that their client’s investment is safeguarded at all times. It is also Shelter Realty’s steadfast duty to protect the best interests and the property of our client.

This is my third property management company in 4 years, and I so wish that I had found them first. The last company nickel and dimed me to death with repairs. Since I am an out of town owner, I couldn’t be sure if the tenant had a real problem, or the management company was making work for their bottom line. I did not get a full check in the year that I was with them. It has been three months now that I have been with Shelter, and I have received three full months of rent, hallelujah. I know that things can go wrong in a unit, but not so often as with the previous company. Shelter has resigned two of my tenants, one with a two year lease, OMG. The property management business is a thankless job with a majority being bottom feeders, but Shelter is different. If you own property you owe it to yourself to give them a try. If you want any further feed back, e-mail me at Sterlingllc1@yahoo.com.

- Jeff H., West Hills, CA