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Property Management Services

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At Shelter Realty, we believe that a reputable and steadfast property management company should always hold the needs and concerns of not only our landlords, but our tenants in the highest regards, and one area where that credo is most important is in terms of the regular maintenance and upkeep of a property.

Tenant Screening

When it comes to the duties of a property manager, there’s nothing more important than securing the right tenants for a rental property. And to that end, Shelter Realty employs a thorough and comprehensive screening process in order to make sure we find the most qualified applicants to protect our client’s investment.


When it comes to being a landlord, the main thing you are looking for in return for your investment is steady, regular, and reliable monthly payments from your tenants, and Shelter Realty ensures that will be what you receive while keeping the sensitive financial information pertaining both to you and your tenants as safe and secure as possible.


Shelter Realty has years of experience and proven results when it comes to marketing rental properties, especially when it comes to the paramount way that renters often contact their searches in today’s tech-savvy society – by way of the Internet. According to reports, anywhere from 78 to 98 percent of renters begin their search on the World Wide Web

Move-in / Move-out Procedures

When it comes to fulfilling our duties as Property Managers, Shelter Realty understands that one of the most vital aspects of our job when representing the landlord is to have a stringent and comprehensive inspection procedure in-place at all times including when a new tenant is moving into a property or an old tenant is moving out.

Property Inspections

When it comes to proper and comprehensive Property Management, it pays to have an active hand and careful eye. Part of living up to this when representing a landlord’s is the inspection process. It is vital to have a set inspection routine in-place for when a new tenant movies into a rental unit, as well as when he or she moves out.

Tenant Eviction

While it is the hope of every Property Manager that their relationship with the tenants under their care will be one of cooperation and responsibility, however, there sometimes comes a need – after every other avenue of compromise has been exhausted – that that relationship must end, and often, that comes in the form of a lawful eviction.

Landlord / Tenant Relations

The prospect of owning a rental property – especially  in a competitive hotbed of real estate activity such Las Vegas – can be an appealing one, as the potential for financial reward is great. However, the realities of running a successful rental property on a day-to-day basis can produce numerous difficulties, and for that, many landlords turn to Shelter Realty.

This is my third property management company in 4 years, and I so wish that I had found them first. The last company nickel and dimed me to death with repairs. Since I am an out of town owner, I couldn’t be sure if the tenant had a real problem, or the management company was making work for their bottom line. I did not get a full check in the year that I was with them. It has been three months now that I have been with Shelter, and I have received three full months of rent, hallelujah. I know that things can go wrong in a unit, but not so often as with the previous company. Shelter has resigned two of my tenants, one with a two year lease, OMG. The property management business is a thankless job with a majority being bottom feeders, but Shelter is different. If you own property you owe it to yourself to give them a try. If you want any further feed back, e-mail me at

- Jeff H., West Hills, CA

I am an out-of-state Las Vegas property owner. My wife and I own only one property and we intend on retiring to it one day. I did a lot of research on many property management companies before finally settling on Shelter. Being an out-of-state landlord, there were a few things that I was looking for in a property management outfit. There seems to be hundreds of management companies in and around Las Vegas. It can be a mind-numbing experience collecting recommendations, reading reviews, and interviewing agents. Do yourself a favor, call whoever you want first, and then call Shelter Realty. They are also members of a select group of Las Vegas property managers accredited by the BBB.

- Kevin H. Palo Alto, CA

I do not give five stars lightly but I never lost sleep over how my house was being managed. They kept in contact with me regarding lease renewals and issues with the house. The best thing was when I took the house back, my property manager Cathy, helped me get the house situated and has a valuable Rolodex on businesses I can contact. Even after I stopped renting, Cathy was there every step of the way helping me get the house in order. That is what I call Customer Service!

- Gypsy C. Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY