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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions landlords might be interested in regarding our services.

How do we protect the owner's interest in regards to repairs?

We have a large network of licensed vendors to ensure your investment is properly maintained. We also complete property inspections every 6 months which allows us to ensure the tenant(s) are properly maintaining the home. Our inspections also allow us to address issues immediately, should we notice something the tenant may have been overlooking. Our 24 hour maintenance line also allows us to address emergency repairs before any major damage is caused. 

How can a tenant submit a work order?

Tenants can submit all maintenance requests through their online portals. Once a request is received, we can then assign it to the appropriate, licensed vendor. Emergency requests can be called into our dedicated maintenance line and addressed immediately.

How often do we conduct property inspections?

We conduct physical inspections at our client’s properties every 6 monthto ensure the home is being property maintained by the tenant. The tenant is contacted at least a week in advance to schedule their inspection and are given a wide range of appointment days and times to cater to their schedules.  Our field agents that perform these inspections, utilize some of the most advanced web based software technology available. This allows our knowledgeable agents to efficiently complete an inspection; on average inspections are completed in 15 minutes or less as to not interrupt the tenant’s enjoyment of the home. Our inspections evaluate both the interior and exterior of the property, ensuring we are notating any damages and checking all wet areas for possible leaks. The field agents also pay close attention to any indication of non-approved subjects such as additional occupants or unapproved pets, as well as for any concealed damage such as pet excretion or smoke odors.  All maintenance concerns noted during the inspection will prompt a maintenance work order request. Any and all tenant neglect and/or damage found will require immediate action by the tenant to correct such damage including confirmation of the correction within 14 days. Performing these routine inspections help to ensure the tenant is maintaining the property properly which ultimately protects your investment. 

How do we determine who's responsible for repairs?

Our leases state that tenants are responsible for minor repairs $100 and under after their initial 30 days of occupancy, or any repairs due to tenant negligence. Landlords are responsible for all other repairs and maintenance . 

How do we make sure the landlord isn't being overcharged?

With years of experience, our team is knowledgeable on the costs of common repairs seen in rental homes. Most of our vendors have preset pricing for more major repairs, such as HVAC system repairs and water heater replacements. Working closely with our longtime vendors has ensured fair and reasonable repair pricing.

How do we handle repairs after hours?

Non-emergency repair requests can be submitted online through the tenant portal at anytime and will be assigned to a vendor the next business day. Emergency repairs are reported via phone to our 24 hour maintenance line. Outside of normal business hours, the calls are routed to an on-call service. The on-call service immediately dispatches our after-hours vendor and the vendor typically arrives within an hour for a valid emergency. After dispatching the vendor, the on-call company notifies our maintenance department. Should your home have a home warranty in place and an emergency after hours, the on-call service contacts our maintenance department and one of our employees with place a claim with the home warranty.

What about HOA Compliance?

Our team completes property inspections every 6 months to ensure the tenant is maintaining the property properly. While we are at the property, we are checking the exterior to ensure the property is in compliance with the HOA rules and regulations. If we determine there is an issue with the exterior of the property, most issues usually pertain to the landscape, we will request the tenant address the issue immediately to prevent any future HOA violation notices. If we receive an HOA violation notice, we contact the tenant and request the issue be addressed immediately and to provide a photo for proof the issue has been rectified. Once we receive the photo, we will send a response back to the HOA along with the photo for proof of compliance. If the tenant fails to comply, we will hire a licensed vendor to address the HOA violation and bill the tenant accordingly.

How do we handle rent collection?

Rent collection is one of the most important aspects of Property Management. Our tenants have multiple options when it comes to how they pay rent. Tenants are able to set up recurring and one-time payments through their online portal, which is the most utilized form of rent payments. Tenants that wish to pay cash but not drive to our office may use a PaySlip we provide them and pay at various locations across the valley (as well as other states if they are traveling). For the tenants that like to pay in-person at our office, that is always an option as well. We have found that offering multiple avenues for payment has resulted in less delinquencies and late payments. 

I do not give five stars lightly but I never lost sleep over how my house was being managed. They kept in contact with me regarding lease renewals and issues with the house. The best thing was when I took the house back, my property manager Cathy, helped me get the house situated and has a valuable Rolodex on businesses I can contact. Even after I stopped renting, Cathy was there every step of the way helping me get the house in order. That is what I call Customer Service!

- Gypsy C. Upper East Side, Manhattan, NY

Tried selling my home by myself without using a realtor. I was even willing to pay buyers realtor at 3%. Still no real takers. I feel alot of realtors refuse to show FSBO. I was connected with Tony and Brittney through a friend and sold the house on the first day of them listing it. They were there the whole way and even when I had issues with my property managers resolving the issues with my house from past renters, Tony sent out his guy to help. All and all he helped make selling the house one less stress in this process.

- Justin T. - Las Vegas, NV

I am an out-of-state Las Vegas property owner. My wife and I own only one property and we intend on retiring to it one day. I did a lot of research on many property management companies before finally settling on Shelter. Being an out-of-state landlord, there were a few things that I was looking for in a property management outfit. There seems to be hundreds of management companies in and around Las Vegas. It can be a mind-numbing experience collecting recommendations, reading reviews, and interviewing agents. Do yourself a favor, call whoever you want first, and then call Shelter Realty. They are also members of a select group of Las Vegas property managers accredited by the BBB.

- Kevin H. Palo Alto, CA