Property Management Service Las Vegas
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Property Management Service Las Vegas

Property Management Service Las Vegas

If you are looking for a property management service in Las Vegas, Shelter Realty Inc., can help provide these services for any residential property in the area. Our firm has well over 500 properties under management with a team of agents who work with our landlords and investors.

Our company takes on the responsibility of managing all move-in and move-out procedures as well as collects rent, schedules repairs and routine maintenance and works with tenants on whatever needs to be done for the property. We also conduct periodic inspections to ensure the property is being taken care of and provide updates to our landlords on what shape the property is being kept in.

Additionally, we offer an online service called AppFolio, where property owners can check on the status of the property and download accounting and financial information for their property. The owners of Shelter Realty have been serving the real estate needs of Southern Nevada for nearly twenty years and can help you manage your investment properties or portfolio with ease at little cost. Most of our landlords pay just 8 percent of their rent to enjoy a full-service property management solution.

Our exceptional rates cover the day-to-day management of your property, collecting rent, communicating with tenants, conducting property inspections, coordinating repairs and responding to emergencies. Our company will also handle all paperwork, all leases, renewals, and replacements of tenants when required. Marketing services are included and there are no fees due during vacancy. Contact us today to find out more about our property management services for Las Vegas Nevada.

Property Management Service Las Vegas
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Property Management Service Las Vegas Property Management Service Las Vegas