Las Vegas Property Management Tenant Screening
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Las Vegas Property Management Tenant Screening

Las Vegas Property Management Tenant Screening

Tenant screening is a process where prospective renters are screened, and background checked prior to accepting their lease of a property. It is one of the most important parts of renting as the success of a landlord depends on the quality of their tenants and the likelihood of being played rental fees. As you could imagine, one of the worst scenarios for your rental business and profits is the inability to collect rent, on time, and in the full amount. Nevada also has strict laws in preventing landlords from evicting tenants, so the best course of action is to prepare and prevent eviction scenarios from occurring.

The type of tenant you accept will inevitably determine If your rental property will result in a loss or profit and checking potential tenants for background information and most importantly, their credit and past rental performance with other landlords is key.

There is a lot you can do to properly screen a tenant prior to allowing them to rent your property. Checking their background, credit history by pulling a credit report, looking for past criminal histories and more should all be part of your tenant screening process.

Additionally, we offer an online service called AppFolio, where property owners can check on the status of property vacancy and download accounting and financial information for their property. The owners of Shelter Realty have been serving the real estate needs of Southern Nevada for nearly twenty years and can help you manage your investment properties or portfolio with ease at little cost. Most of our landlords pay just 8 percent of their rent to enjoy a full-service property management solution.

Las Vegas Property Management Tenant Screening
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Las Vegas Property Management Tenant Screening Las Vegas Property Management Tenant Screening