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Las Vegas Property Management Services

Las Vegas Property Management Services

What is property management?

Property Management services are provided to owners and investors of real estate to assist them in managing their real estate portfolio, or even just single property. Property management services allow owners to remain un-involved in the tedious processes of rental property upkeep. They are not solely maintenance service, but full-service management of a property or group of properties for investors.

While purchasing properties for investment use, some landlords prefer to leave the rental and management of the property to a professional so they can focus solely on the ownership of the property with little responsibility on upkeep. These owners allow property management companies to oversee their asset and allow a professional to deal with the ins and outs of renting the property and marketing it as available when there is a vacancy.

Rarely will a single tenant occupy a property for the life of the rental, so property management companies will take on the responsibility, for a monthly residual fee, of watching over the property and ensuring it is always rented and kept up to date as far as lawncare, tenants and repairs. Additionally, when a tenant decides to leave, the property management company will handle all the inspection process and marketing of the property to acquire new tenants.

These services are critical services that any landlord could never overlook as an owner of rental property. Shelter Realty is a Las Vegas Property Management services agency with owner six hundred properties under management. If you are interested in hiring a property management company to handle your rental and your property is in the Las Vegas market, Shelter Realty can make your management obligations simple by handling the property’s management for you for as little as eight percent of the rent.

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Las Vegas Property Management Services Las Vegas Property Management Services