Las Vegas Property Management Fees
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Las Vegas Property Management Fees

Las Vegas Property Management Fees

Are you looking for a property management company to maintain property located in Las Vegas Nevada? Interesting in finding out what fees may be involved to the management of this property? Shelter Realty Inc, a near twenty-year-old real estate company, offers Las Vegas Property Management Fees right on its website so that property owners and investors can ascertain whether management services fit into their budget.

For the most part, every property management company determines their management fees differently. At Shelter, we make it easy by offering a full-service solution costing just eight percent of the rent collected. This allows our landlords the ability to property forecast their cost verses profits and is a realistic management fee for just about any property owner. These fees include all maintenance responsibilities such as marketing the property, finding adequate tenants, handing all lease paperwork, maintaining the properties maintenance and handing any and all move-in move-out procedures necessary during the process.

Renewal fees are kept exceptionally low and are assessed or applied at the end of the lease. If new tenants are required Shelter Realty will list, market and advertising the rental until new tenants are found, screened and placed into the unit or home. Shelter is a residential management company and works with residential units only.

Our fee schedule is found on our website under the ‘fees’ section where we transparently listing all applicable fees associates with the full-service management of any property.  There are no setup fees, adverting the property is always included, renewals are always includes and there are no costs to the landlord during property vacancy.

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Las Vegas Property Management Fees Las Vegas Property Management Fees